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serious art (mystery color version)

serious art (mystery color version)

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only the most serious and important images and words included in here folks. if you are trying to joke around please leave immediately.

18 page zine by e.l. kludge printed on a bright, colorful paper with a toner printer.

5x6.25 inches big

paper colors are chosen at random. it's a surprise which color you get. this is okay, because you are a well balanced person who takes delight in the unknown and does not crave control over every aspect of your life. you are okay with whatever happens. you have achieved enlightenment while the rest of us scream and rage against the very nature of this constantly changing and wholly unpredictable world in which we find ourselves thrown into only moments ago.

makes a great gift for holidays or birthdays or a particularly tough wednesday.

please allow max of 2 weeks for items to be packed/shipped. usually it's within one week (very often a day or two.) i'm just one human making and printing all this fun stuff.

email if you have any questions/concerns though. happy to help and i very much appreciate you being here friend.

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